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How to protect your terrace from the sun and high temperatures?

How to protect your terrace from the sun and high temperatures?

We are looking for a truce to heat and solar exposure, especially in the summer months, under a pergola, umbrella, awning or any structure that provides us with a cool shade on the terrace where you can enjoy life outdoors at almost any time of the day.

Although we like summer, because we associate it with vacations, good weather, party, etc., we always have to take into account that we can suffer the sun’s heat shock and its negative effects on the skin. For this reason, creating shaded areas in our garden, roof terrace or terrace, is a must, if you want to live outside the home, regardless of the time, as it also provides shelter solutions on nights that are colder or somewhat cooler. wind.

Pergolas and awnings for terraces

The designs of the new pergolas seek integration with the environment, creating a play of shadows, pleasing and expanding our space to convert our garden to practically one more room of our home.

Although the pergolas and awnings increasingly take care of the aesthetic aspect, they can be complemented with multiple decorative elements such as plants (trees, hedges, flowers, etc.) and also furniture (tables, chairs, sofas, etc.)

Here we leave some ideas for decorating gardens of various styles. You can also see practical ideas such as choosing the ideal awning or taking care of the plants, as well as other ideas to enjoy your outdoor corner.

What should we take into account when choosing our pergola?

There are three basic aspects to take into account to know what type of pergola will best suit our garden, terrace, porch or roof:
1.- What will I use the pergola for? We can give many uses to our pergola as it can be an area where we can relax, read a quiet book, and be our relaxation area, as it can also be a place to have shade near our pool or a chillout area or where to hold barbecues and be able to eat outdoors.
2.- In what area do I want to install it? Here we have to take into account the space we have available as it is a very important requirement when choosing the measurements of our pergola.
3.- And last, and not least, what is the path of the sun? This aspect seems to be taken for granted, but it is a factor to be taken into account as we remember that the main function of a pergola is to provide shade and shelter from the sun.
If you want to know more information about pergolas here you can see different models and styles of pergolas.