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Plants for outdoor decor

Plants for outdoor decor

Plants to decorate our pergola

If you have a pergola or similar structure in your garden and you look dull or lack of life, you can try planting a plant to decorate your patio. In particular, we recommend planting some type of climber as well as offering a beautiful decoration will provide a cool shade to rest and shelter from the sun and its high temperatures. In this article we will talk about plants to decorate our pergola, specifically the climbers.

There are many species of climbers, here are some species designed to grow in places with a temperate or warm climate, which are the best conditions offered when planting this type of vegetation. This does not mean that some can be grown in places with low temperature.

Types of plants to decorate: climbers

Clematis: it is a spectacular climber that blooms abundantly in spring. It can be combined with other types of climbers, such as roses, to cause a greater decorative effect. There are varieties of evergreen and other deciduous.Rosales: they are a classic since it is the most commonly grown species, they are perfect to cover a wall, a pergola, an arch, etc. As we said before, it is totally compatible with the clematis, to create authentic romantic and cozy corners.Jasmine: this variety of climber stands out for its beauty when it blooms and what gives it great appeal is its intoxicating aroma that is quite intense since it can be smelt at a distance.

Vid: is a typical crop of the Mediterranean area that is very practical to shade in our pergola or gazebo in our garden, it also allows us to enjoy its sweet fruit “the grape”.

Glycine: if you need to cover a large pergola or a large surface, this plant native to East Asia, is a highly recommended option, it is easy to grow and its flowering is quite colorful and abundant, but we must watch it so that it does not eliminate the plants around since it is an invasive species.

Bignonia: this flowered plant has abundant flowering and adapts to temperate and slightly cooler climates. It is ideal to look in a pergola in the garden or terrace.

Ivy: this classic vine requires very little maintenance and is hard in the face of the weather, providing a thick green cover.

Bougainvillea: it is a variety of climber very popular for its beautiful and varied colors, since we can find them with pink, red, yellow or purple flowers. It grows well in sunny places.

Passion flower: commonly known as passion flower is a fast growing plant that comes from tropical areas. It is a perennial plant that stands out for its spectacular flowers.

There are many more varieties of climbing species these are just some, but if you have garden, terrace or patio with pergola or other similar structure give life and natural decoration with these types of plants. You can click here to expand your knowledge and decide which climber you will choose.


  • 3 February, 2020

    Miranda Francisco

    Una caracteristica muy destacada de este tipo de planta trepadora es su rapido crecimiento, lo que la hace ideal para cubrir tu pergola. De este tipo de planta encontramos 108 tipos de especies distintas.