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Sahara Alero is a suspended pergola that combines the function of a canopy with the advantages of a retractable pergola and a wide variety of tarpaulins. It protects from rain and sun up to 6 meters without interrupting the passage.

Why choose the Dakhla Alero tensioned pergola?

It is the best option if you want the protection of a retractable pergola without worrying about obstacles that impede the passage.
Its retractable function allows you to take advantage of the sun whenever you want, collecting the canvas to make the most of it.
Thanks to its high resistance, it protects from rain without inconvenience, expelling water through its channels.



Suspended awning or pergola


Leaving an obstacle-free passage

motorized product


Motor and remote control operation


CNC aluminum components

High strength due to machined aluminum construction


UNE - EN 13561: Class 6

Highest wind resistance on the market

Exit Projection of awning or suspended pergola

Outlet up to 6 m

Available to provide up to 30 m² of shade


Line up to 5 m

High sun protection coverage


You have at your disposal a wide variety of colors and finishes to create a pergola that matches the architecture and decoration of your facade.


Smooth - Textured

Imitation wood

Quality and resistance

The stainless steel reinforcements and the Lasting Quality aluminum structure, together with the Opak waterproof fabrics, protect the covered space from rain.

On the other hand, the tie-rod of this pergola is composed of a steel reinforcement inside, whose function is to cover the tensile strength of the suspended system.

It has an aluminum profile on the outside for extra strength and protection.


Make different types of configurations according to your needs and create large structures that protect from sun, wind and rain. 





The fabrics that complement the Alero pergola are completely waterproof. They create a completely customizable cover that facilitates the evacuation of water in case of rain.

Choose from a wide variety of shades and fabric textures to complement your double tensioned pergola.

The retractable tensioned canvas structure withstands wind gusts of up to 101.61 km/h (60 mph).


Customize your pergola with the components of your choice and create the outdoor space of your dreams.

DAKHLA (431)

Energy saving LED lights


Motorization by remote control.


Rain and wind sensor that automates the closing of the gate



We are committed to our manufacturing processes and materials so that our products have the quality that our customers deserve. To guarantee this, we have the following certifications that certify the resistance and sustainability of our products:

  • QUALICOAT, which ensures the quality of the lacquered aluminum used in our pergolas and awnings.
  • APPLUS Certified Company that guarantees high resistance to corrosion, breakage, wind resistance and more.
  • ISO 9001 certificate that certifies the quality of industrial processes.

Design your spaces with Sahara 3D

Customize, visualize and budget your pergola with a few clicks thanks to Sahara 3D.

Thanks to this App, you can configure the measures you need, colors of your preference and other options. Create your awning or pergola and calculate its price automatically from your PC, mobile or tablet.

In addition, you can upload a photo of the space where you want to install the system and the tool will allow you to visualize how your new pergola or awning will look on site in real time.

"We manufacture the protection you need, with the aesthetics and design you deserve."
- Sahara -

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