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Crank system
Profile 70
Up to 5 m wide
Up to 3 m projection
UNE-EN 13561: CLASS 3



The new CHEBIKA coffered awning has been designed with a double function, first to offer protection from the sun and secondly to protect itself, keeping the canvas and the arms inside the recessed cassette, thus ensuring its continuous best performance and durability.

It is standard practice to allow for play between components in the arms, but thanks to the solidity of all the components that form part of the structure as a result of CNC technology, all components can fit snugly.

The result is that the articulated arms of CHEBIKA is able to maintain the tension on the canvas in any position, always causing it to look good as opposed to other systems where the canvass will sag in most intermediate positions.

Its solid anchoring and support system allows one to adjust the inclination angle up to 80º. CHEBIKA has an integrated and minimalist design, with multiple options and finishes, that allow you to easily adapt it to different architectural requirements.