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CNC Aluminium parts


Anchors and Steel Reinforcements

Up to 5m wide

Up to 12m projection

UNE-EN 13561: CLASS 6




The DAKLHA ESTAY pergola, inspired by nautical design elements, is designed to cover large areas, protecting them from the sun and the rain, in an elegant way, with only two columns.

Its structure is reinforced with steel tubes in addition to special anchors manufactured with CNC technology, which guarantees the resistance and safety, certified as the highest wind resistance classification possible on the market, class 6, according to the UNE EN 13561 standard.

The nautical design creates an attractive, aesthetically pleasing architectural atmosphere, combined with total accessibility, thanks to the minimum possible number of pillars. With a multitude of options and alternatives, including super durable coating finishes, and serious stability, this structure is very suitable for maritime areas.