Sahara ofrece una gama de toldos y pérgolas de última tecnología emprendiendo el desafío de iniciar la nueva generación.

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Maximum Comfort

Provide protection and tranquility, like an oasis in the desert. That is the essential function of our pergolas and awnings. Reframe sunlight, project shade and protect from rain and wind.

Resistance and durability

Excellence through the strength and durability of each component is the essence of Lasting Quality. Unaltered aluminum that retains all the characteristics of its maximum purity.

High Precision Finishes

To innovate is to have the ability to develop a new starting point. Sahara uses CNC machining to produce parts and components of compact design from unaltered aluminum blocks.

Certified Trust

All products have been tested by the most demanding testing laboratories and international quality audits. All certified features with the highest category.

Differentiator Design

Through the integral control of the design, together with state-of-the-art technology, it is possible to manufacture unique pieces designed to create a synergy in the assembly and an elegant and customizable finish.

Incomparable service

Vanguard technology allows to reduce the time of manufacture and delivery of the product, as well as its integrated design allows fast and agile assembly and installation.

Quality and industrial excellence
endorsed by a team of professionals
who bring high creativity and versatility.

Technology CNC

Innovation through CNC technology improves the effectiveness, efficiency and quality of our parts. Thanks to CNC machining, the part is 100% compacted, being highly resistant to impacts, fatigue and corrosion. Its hardness is much higher compared to the pieces made by traditional injection.

Aluminum Injection 0
CNC Machining 0

Rockwell test performed by Protolabs.

Our office

All our facilities are in Écija, Sevilla. Our design, manufacturing, marketing and customer service departments are integrated into them.


Our technicians and designers will advise you on any project. Sahara has all kinds of solutions and experience for sectors as diverse as hospitality and civil engineering.

Personal attention

Sahara provides personalized attention from the consultation until after the installation so that security and confidence are complete.


The awnings and pergolas refresh the exterior and interior of the area they cover, providing comfort and improving energy efficiency. In autumn-winter, the pergolas preserve the interior temperature, completely sheltering from rain, wind and snow. Allowing you to take advantage of the space 365 days a year.

But in addition to the form, the Sahara systems have a wide range of measures, options and customization. Profiles and components can be adapted to be part of the structure, including a combination of colors, as well as compatible systems of home automation, heating or lighting.