Sahara offers a range of state-of-the-art awnings and pergolas, taking on the challenge of initiating the new generation.

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Difference between CNC and traditional injection moulded parts


Sahara is the only brand of pergolas that designs and manufactures its products and components through CNC machining. Except for experts in materials and industrial processes, few understand the substantial difference that exists between the components of our pergolas and the rest. In this post we will explain in a simple way what the difference is and where the great resistance to weather and wind of our pergolas comes from, including how they have managed to obtain the maximum qualification according to the UNE 13561 standard.

Sahara has created pergolas and awnings with technology used until now by the aeronautical and automotive sectors, transferring the optimisation of raw materials and post-industrial design to solar protection.

Computer Numerical Control has exponentially expanded the applications of industrial machines through programmable production automation. Thanks to the synergy of various machines, Sahara products have three major competitive advantages: precision, finish and strength.


The CNC produces highly complex profile components with solid, high-precision micron-scale turning on all programmed parts, regardless of volume or quantity.


The aluminium block is milled, profiled and polished resulting in a perfect piece without internal porosity or joints, glue residues or other surface defects of traditional machines, achieving movements impossible to perform manually, such as circles or diagonal lines.


Sahara's production process is based on the aerospace industry, which is characterised by the highest quality and safety standards. The process gives the parts a resistance that exceeds all expectations in terms of hardness and durability.

The quality of Sahara awnings and pergolas is the result of the effort and determination to make products that achieve excellence through the strength and durability of each component. Lasting Quality guarantees the quality of the aluminium parts unaltered at the atomic level, preserving the characteristics of the alloy intact. It is based on scientific studies and tests that demonstrate the superiority of the machining process compared to traditional processes.

CNC machining aligns the aluminium unidirectionally, so the part remains 100% compact, impact, fatigue and corrosion resistant. Injection moulding fills the mould with liquid aluminium using compressed air which releases hydrogen from the metal to form voids. The porosity in the part makes it sensitive to impact breakage and corrosion.

Sophistication, aesthetics and technology are the leitmotiv of Sahara design, subtracting the obvious and adding the significant. Through integral design control, thanks to CNC Technology, we have achieved products with the ability to change, improve and adapt, made up of unique parts designed to create a synergy in assembly, resulting in an elegant, compact and customisable finished product.