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The usual PILARES, for small spaces.

Why choose the Pillars Lite pergola?

Aluminum structure machined with CNC technology that transforms any open space into a new and completely independent area. Its modular system is multipurpose, ideal for both residential and commercial use.

Its four pillars give it the autonomy to be placed on any surface, without the need for wall anchoring.



CNC technology

which creates a 100% compact structure.



to create fully functional spaces.

Line or Width

Lines up to

4 m per module.

Self-supporting Pergola


by means of 4 pillars.


UNE:EN 13561: CLASS 6

The highest wind resistance on the market.



with awning Qatif Lite


Its ease to combine colors and textures, allows to customize the spaces of many possibilities.


Smooth - Textured

Imitation wood

Quality and resistance

If you are looking for a retractable pergola you probably want to create a fully functional environment. With the Dakhla Dakhla Pillars Lite you can create an area protected from any inclement weather, to be used 365 days a year.

¿How does a pergola work in case of rain?

Thanks to the drainage and water evacuation system located in the front pillars, the slight inclination is used to expel water. In addition, with the Qatif Lite, you can completely close the pergola and create a dry and comfortable space in case of rain.


The Pilares Lite pergola has a wide range of fabrics, offering you different characteristics, depending on your needs.

The passage of light, for example, will depend on the thickness of the fabric, so you will be able to control the natural light illumination in daytime spaces, according to the type of fabric you choose.


Our pergola Dakhla is complementable with a system of LED lights to illuminate its interior. You can also install a rain and wind sensor that automatically opens and closes the pergola when the weather requires it.

DAKHLA (431)

Energy saving LED lights


Motorization by remote control.


Rain and wind sensor that automates the closing of the gate


Enclosure for waterproofing the pergola

Now you can design your Pillars pergola thanks to Sahara 3D

Sahara creates a tool that allows you to perform a real-time simulation of all our pergolas and awnings.

You will be able to:

  • Create the design of the customized product in a fully customizable way. 
  • See the catalog and technical data sheet of your awning or pergola.
  • Create and manage budgets.

"Our job is to create sun protection structures with the perfect balance between design and functionality."
- Sahara -

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