Sahara offers a range of state-of-the-art awnings and pergolas, taking on the challenge of initiating the new generation.

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Create the place of your dreams with a custom-made Dakhla pergola.

Reinvent that outdoor space with the functionality and design of a retractable tensioned pergola.

Why choose the Dakhla tensioned pergola?

This system is characterized by its versatility and minimalism, adapting to any architectural style and enhancing the value of the place where it is installed.

Its stretched canvas can be completely displaced, either to protect it hermetically from inclement weather or to allow the sun's rays to pass through.

DAKHLA vertical


Self-supporting Pergola


Wall - Floor


Waterproof cover

Perimeter sealing system that makes it watertight



Energy saving LED lights


Stability and robustness

Wind resistance Class 6 according to UNE EN 13561.



Aluminum, stainless steel and plastic injection.

Exit Projection of awning or suspended pergola

Maximum dimensions

Length: 7 meters. Width: 5 meters.


You can choose from a wide variety of colors and finishes. The paint used guarantees durability over time despite exposure to external conditions of salinization or humidity.


Smooth - Textured

Imitation wood

Maximum environmental protection.

All-season protection from sun, rain, wind and snow.

How does the tensioned pergola work? Dakhla in case of rain?

Its perimeter sealing system makes it waterproof, providing a watertight and comfortable space. Capable of evacuating up to 100 liters of water per hour thanks to its rainwater channeling system in its front legs.

It includes a set of pieces designed to favor the stability of the pergola against the force of the wind.

Its retractable cover allows you to open it completely to enjoy the sun's rays directly.


You have at your disposal a wide variety of high quality fabrics to complement your pergola. Versatility and elegance to adapt to mimic your pergola with the environment or enhance the architecture of the facade.


Customize your pergola with the components of your choice and create the outdoor space of your dreams.

DAKHLA (431)

Energy saving LED lights


Motorization by remote control.


Rain and wind sensor that automates the closing of the gate


Create an airtight and fully functional environment without any building work thanks to the combination of your Dakhla pergola with a Qatif vertical awning enclosure.

This system works by means of a roll-up ZIP that is completely integrated into the pergola and prevents rain or wind from entering the interior of the pergola.

Gain privacy and protect the inside of your pergola from UV rays with the Qatif awning.


Quality and warranty

At Sahara we manufacture new generation sun protection systems. We create customized awnings and pergolas, seeking a balance between cutting-edge technology, design and maximum functionality.

  • The aluminum seal Lasting Quality guarantees the quality of unaltered aluminum parts at the atomic level, preserving the characteristics of the alloy intact.
  • Rockwell hardness test that guarantees that the CNC machined part is 200% stronger than the injection molded part.
  • Paint Super Durable which ensures high quality and resistance to characteristic outdoor conditions.
  • 10-year warranty.

Visualize your pergola with the Sahara App

Now you can visualize your tensioned pergola Dakhla in the place where you want to install it thanks to the Sahara app. Just scan the QR code that appears in the catalog and you will be able to see every detail and complement that the pergola has in 360°:

  • Lighting LED
  • Rainwater channeling systems
  • Measurements and dimensions

"We take charge of reinventing your outdoor space and will help you create a new place, completely tailored to you"
- Sahara -

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