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Why do businesses prefer a pergola on their terrace?

Let's take a look at the reasons why the catering industry is increasingly turning to these systems.

Eating out is an activity that we love, and with the arrival of a new normality in our lives, we have learned to enjoy outdoor dining even more, mainly on the terraces of bars and restaurants. In recent months we have seen how the restaurant sector has decided to reinvent its terraces to offer diners something extra. Businesses have understood that an open area is much more compatible with the health and safety measures we are currently living with.

Besides, the charm of being able to eat with a good view is priceless. Whether in a city square or street, or with a natural wonder in the background, an outdoor meal is always special.

What is the trend?

The most current solution for terraces is the pergola. Whether sloping, gabled or at 90°, pergolas offer total protection 365 days a year. During the summer, protection from UV rays and high temperatures is assured. In colder seasons or in rainy conditions, you can close the walls with a vertical zip awning or glass enclosures.

With the installation of a made-to-measure aluminium pergola, we will be able to recreate an elegant atmosphere outdoors. Its presence allows us to reinvent outdoor spaces at any time of the day, both in the hottest moments and in the wettest nights, thanks to the possibility of internal lighting.

Among the advantages of this protection system are the following:


Pergolas enhanced with aluminium as the main element are characterised by some very useful functions. First of all, the durability of the design over time. As a material resistant to moisture and UV rays, the aluminium pergola does not deteriorate when exposed to the elements.

To this we can add the variety of colors provided by the super durable paint that guarantees longevity and resistance to saltpeter and rust.


There are different types of pergolas to facilitate adaptation to the architecture of the premises.

Among the most popular are the semi-detached pergolawhich is installed against the wall and is generally mounted on balconies or terraces.

The most useful option, however, when the terrace is in a separate area from the wall is the self-supporting version, which is supported on all four sides, and therefore does not need any supporting structure.

But if you have a large outdoor space to utilise, the double pillar version is ideal, as it can cover up to 180 m² and does not need to be anchored to any structure. double pillars version is ideal, as it can cover up to 180 m² and does not need to be anchored to any structure.


Trends change and so do permits and municipal requirements. The possibility of installing a structure without building work can make things much easier for you. As it is "non-permanent", a terrace pergola installed in a shop will have fewer requirements compared to the certificates needed to install an on-site sun shading system.

Sahara offers a range of system models to fit out your business and reinvent yourself. Visit our contact and request a quote.