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CNC Aluminium Parts

Support between walls


Up to 7m projection

Up to 5m wide

UNE-EN 13561: CLASE 6




The ATAQUE pergola thanks to its exclusive anchor, it can be fixed on both sides, regardless of the height. The special steel anchors for architecture allow for frontal or lateral anchorage.

Components, manufactured with CNC Technology, allows the ATAQUE to reach up to 7 metres between two walls, and it is therefore guaranteed in resistance and safety, achieving the Maximum possible classification, Class 6, according to the UNE 13561 standard.

A protective cover at the back prevents inclement weather from damaging the motorized system, ensuring the longevity of the product. A multitude of optional extras, colours and finishes gives space for creative design options, such as fitting the sides with the Qatif drop blind systems for even more protection from the elements.